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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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allegations of new violence at this same event. john: why army sergeant bowe bergdahl says he left his post in afghanistan. barbara: get ready for march madness. ncaa tournament tips off today in raleigh. our local teams not the only ones hoping to score big. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday march 17, happy st. patrick's day. 51 degrees and 5:31. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we have weather and traffic together starting with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. kpwhrao good morning to you and happy st. patrick's day. we will show what you is going on as far as temperatures across the region. we will see them climb today, not as warm as yesterday. but it hr bwill be very mild in the 70's by this afternoon. current numbers from across the region 54 roxboro, 52 chapel hill. 48 southern pines, 57 fayetteville. 51 goldsboro and 49 wilson.
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mainly clear now. by lunchtime sunny and 71 degrees. this yarnafternoon 76 and sunshine. we will see temperatures start to fall tomorrow and it will be cold and wet and damp. sunday not looking great. few we have the weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: good thursday morning. st. patrick's day as you head out the door. we have an issue coming in at apex. i will get that next time on n.c. 55. the rest of the main arteries looking nice on this thursday morning. the road weather index forth returning rain or precipitation -- not returning rain or precipitation. this is 40 an south saunders, construction there but lots of green. into durham county, 40 and 15/501 no problems. we will update the issue in apex
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john: a car crashes into a light pole in durham. this is the scene around 2:00 a.m. on n.c. 55 near carpenter fletcher road. the pole was knocked downed a car overturned. a witness called to tell us a security guard on the way to work stopped to help the driver. there's no word on the driver's condition. barbara: to a story making fat headlines. five cumberland county deputies suspended after a scuffle at the donald trump rally in fayetteville that made national news. the sheriff says they saw a 78-year-old man punch a protester but do not take action. first, there are new claims of violence from the same rally. this is cell phone video of a man allegedly attacking an east carolina opportunity. he said he was mistaken for a protester and ordered to leave. as deputies escorted him out he said people yelled insults and racial slurs and then the guy slaps him. >> this was my first experience
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pathetic that it had to happen at a presidential candidate's rally. barbara: he plans to file an assault complaint. john: more than a dozen military personnel punished after the mistaken bombing of a civilian hospital in afghanistan last year. the doctors without borders hospital was attacked in october. 42 died. special operations were disciplined for the breakdown. officials say the punishments are mostly administrative and include no criminal charges. caitlin: i have a story that is new this morning. new documents released providing some insight as to why bowe afghanistan in 2009. he says he was trying to draw attention to what he saw as leadership problems. according to the transcript of a 2014 interview bergdahl taught his action leaving as being a self-sacrifice.
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evaluation from the earl sanity board including he suffered from a personality disorder. a mayo clinic says people who have this have trouble interpreting social cues. he face as general court-martial on fort bragg for charges of desertion and misbehavior before enemy. barbara: today president obama's nominee for supreme court plans to visit with democratic senators on capitol hill. merrick garland is a respected moderate but some republicans say he won't get far. mitch mcconnell says he is forth going to get a hearing and they believe that the new president should nominate the next u.s. supreme court justice. charles grassley says he is open to meeting with garland in the coming weeks. >> there will not be another debate monday for the republican
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fox news canceled the dqualified. trump says he will unite the party and become the follow fee. barbara: the ncaa tournament tips off today and in raleigh they have the first and second round games. john: u.c. is here and organizers hope they will have a slam dunk for the hroellocal economy. gloria rodriguez has more. gloria: four games will be played here at p.n.c. arena and among them number one u.n.c. the tar heels taking on number 16 florida gulf coast. that is 7:20.
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range from $55 to $81 and thousands of people will be here for the game. basketball fans from around the country will visit the capital city for the first two rounds of the ncaa basketball tournament. p.n.c. arena is hosting games today and saturday. you will see tournament banners and local businesses hope for an economic boost. in 2014 when raleigh last hosted the tournament we are told 17,000 people visited greater raleigh. the executive director of the greater raleigh sports alliance says the tournament generated more than $4 million in direct visitor spending. the alliance is asking restaurants to hang up posters, offer food and drink specials and have tv's tuned to the games. if you don't have tickets you can be part of the excitement here. you are looking at this open to
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it will be opened about 2 1/2 hours before each game and part of the hoops and hotsfest. they will have food trucks, games, activities and you can come without having a ticket. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: expected to be on schedule today. the problems that had to be addressed. john: message from the highway patrol if you plan to party it st. patrick's day. don: as you head out we have temperatures a little cooler than yesterday but it will be a lot colder. these won't be the highs sunday. we will talk about the colder air mass in the complete forecast coming up. barbara: match madness is up as well as in be the match. we are asking you to join us for
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drive it saturday from 11:00 to 2:00.
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18 and don: we will look at the pollen forecast. i looked at bradford pears. we will see the green on all the cars and they will turn green shall yell. saturday and sunday it is knocked down because of rain and then monday it is back up. 50 south hill and roanoke rapids. 53 henderson, 45 roxboro. 52 louisburg and 49 rocky mount, 50 siler city. 52 cary. 57 fayetteville and 55 in hope mills. looking at the day ahead mainly
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by lunchtime we go to 71 degrees and lots of sunshine and through the late day 75. lots of sunshine but it will be cold, wet and raw around here by sunday. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. john: this morning the washington petro system will be back up and -- metro system will be up after being shut down 29 hours. they were checking the third rail following an electrical fire monday. the general manager says crews found 26 areas of concern requiring replacement or repair. post of problems have -- most of the problems have been fixed. barbara: no charges are expected in a motorcycle death. he was speeding and crossed the center line and hit a minivan. he was killed instantly. the driver of the van was an 80-year-old man who was taken to
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enjoy but don't press your luck. that is the message from state d.o.t. as uyou celebrate st. patrick's. highway patrol will have a statewide booze it and lose it. you will have more officers, deputies and troopers through sunday. 11 were killed last year. john: abc11 is taking you inside one of the company's hoping to equip local police officers with body camperascameras. why it says its software is different from the others and how police officers are responding. barbara: look at this dog. this dog is one lucky dog. back on dry land after going missing for weeks at sea. john: he followed in his
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fr barbara: welcome back. it is 5:46. happy st. patrick's day. president obama's supreme court justice nominee will meet with democrats on capitol hill today. some republicans say they will not kaeupgchange their minds on a hearing or vote but charles grassley says he is open to meeting with garland. michigan's governor will be on the hot seat when he testifies in washington about his role in the water crisis in flint. according to prepared testimony he blames a failure of government at all levels. and auto makers expected to make a major announcement today that they plan to make automatic
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equipment on most cars by 2022. it uses cameras, radar and other sensors to see objects and slow or stop a vehicle if the driver doesn't. john: police departments across the area are starting to use body cameras. it is an issue that hit close to home after an officer involved shooter in raleigh. envision enterprise is one of two dozen companies trying to get the contract with the police. he says their camera and software do not just handle the video capture, it stores it as well. that is one of the biggest hurdles for many cities and counties. but the price tag tort pilot program is $5 million over five years. >> a lot of concern that $5 million is dedicated to a new pilot project.
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against it but it says the data storage system could save the city a bundle. barbara: the uber driver accused of a deadly shooting rampage in michigan is suing the ride sharing company. jason default top is demanding $10 million from uber claiming the work caused him psychological damage. they say he killed six and injured two while make ging bush picking up fares. he said they discriminated against his member health and his wife is divorcing him because of uber. he faces 16 criminal charges including six counts of murder. frank sinatra jr. who carried on his father's legacy has passed away. the family said he died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on tour in daytona beach, florida. he worked for his father as a musical director and conductor and performed the national anthem at a new york yankees game last year.
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one lucky german shepherd has quite a tale. john: she was missing at sea nearly weeks. luna. she was presumed dead after falling off a fishing boat but she survived. she managed to swim to san clemente island off the coast of san diego, california. navy officials say see greeted them tuesday morning when they showed up for work. receivers given a clean bill -- she was given a clean bill of health. barbara: that is appear amaze ging -- an amazing story. you would think there is no hope. icious pretty dog, -- john: pretty dog. today. barbara: today is green. don: we met 23 years ago on st. patrick's day. barbara: you say you knew. don: i was working behind the
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walked in to my boss and she said you went out on st. patrick's day and i said duff did you have fun and i said i met the girl i'm going to marry. it will be a great day weather-wise. we have got wonderful weather heading in. don't get used to it. it will be colder by the weekend. not as warm today. 55. by lunchtime 71 and we will see clouds off the coast. but otherwise more sunshine. still above average. in the 70's today. look at what is going on and live look into downtown raleigh and temperature right now 52. dew point 39. 61% humidity. wind calm at this hour. sunrise we gain three minutes today. 7:2 7:22 this morning. live look into fayetteville and right now 55.
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we see 50's and 40's. sanford you have 41 fplt. 57 fayetteville. 53 commit and 50 goldsboro and 50 in roanoke rapids. we are clear. we have clouds in the southern and eastern areas that pushed out. when we zoom out the southeast is dry and we have lots of dry conditions across the region today, tonight and into tomorrow. by lunchtime around 70 and 70's afternoon and 5:00 we are still in the 70's and nothing but sunshine. a couple of high clouds overnight. tomorrow lunchtime cooler, 60's tomorrow. as we go into saturday look at the cloud cover build in and one or two spots of green, isolated shower possible. better chance is sunday. the rest of today nothing in the way of rainfall. lots of sunshine in raleigh. mostly sunny and not as warm. 55 at 9:00.
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afternoon 76 degrees under sunny skies. that is well above average for this time of year. numbers from does the region today 75 chapel hill. 55 wendell. 76 garner and holly springs. 77 smithfield. 77 pinehurst, 8 -- lillington 77. 72 south hill. 73 roxboro today and 75 wake forest and 76 wilson and tarboro 76. tonight the temperatures dip into the 40's. formal is 40. still above average. clear and colder tonight. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow into the 60's. 68 degrees under partly sunny skies. on saturday 58 degrees and clouds increase. could see an isolated shower. match madness love to see you for that.
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in the 40's. rain. by monday 55 and back to 70 by the middle of next week. that system sunday if it happened in january or early february it would be several inches of expo. we have enough warm air that it will be 40. john: that will be bad enough. amber: movie day. even on a sunday. basketball will be on. march madness. hang out. watch for basketball traffic around p.n.c. with the tournament getting under way. a lot of folks head out to take in that march madness so i will have info on attachmentthat. this is the viewing area and we have clear conditions and we don't have any weather getting in the way this morning. we do have this issue. i will step out of the way so you can see it. two lanes closed due ton an accident apex highway at carpenter they haver road.
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durham freeway over to cornwallis and then 55. i will write that up next time. 40 and rock quarry this is looking guys with light volume. not 6:00 so looking very good there. 5 540 eastbound 11 minutes to 1 and 85 for the four minutes 70 to 55. barbara:self-lacing shoes marty mcfly would be proud of.
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north carolina restaurants in of the focus loyalty app. they are trying to figure out the pwesbest barbecue in america. barbara: the website recently determined the 33 best barbecue joints representing north carolina is allen and son in chapel hill and lexington barbecue, red ridges in shelby and sky light in aden. then in the spirit of march madness it put 32 restaurants on
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sky light inn earned a one. allen and sons is a six. john: you can go to and find your bracket to weigh in. i can taste it now.
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donald trump rally john: developing story from vote 2016. five cumberland county deputies disciplined for the role in a donald trump rally that had a
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barbara: big announcement from auto makers what every new car sold in the u.s. will be required to have. john: the ncaa tournament tips ofr today. everything you need to know in the local teams. welcome on thursday march 17. st. patrick's day, 51 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in first alert storm center for weather and traffic together. don: good morning to you. we are going to see another mild day, forth as warm as -- not as warm as yesterday. about 10 degrees cooler but still 70's and still above average. 44 in roxboro, 58 oxford. 47 r.d.u. fplt 41 sanford. 48 southern pines and 52 in clinton. looking at the day ahead.


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